Episode 10 - Heart of the Sunrise, Mvmt 3 (Icarus)

Written and produced by Kevin Allen

The man who was a shadow to the rest of the world becomes very real only after his star turns to cinders. Waves of confusion, malice, sorrow, and ambition rock both space programs. 

The Soviet Union sees a golden opportunity to break the back of NASA. In the light of the sun, they will reach for future. In the dark of the witching hour, two friends will reach for the past.


I used "Escaping the Bonds of Earth: The fifties and sixties" by Ben Evans and "Rockets and People Vol 3" by Boris Chertok, "The First Soviet Cosmonaut Team" by Rex Hall and Colin Burgess, and "Challenge to Apollo" by Asif Siddiqi. Additionally, I referenced the Hendrickx and astronautix.com translations of the Kamanin diaries as well as "Red Star in Orbit" by James E. Oberg. 

 Music during the story of Icarus was "Harbor" by Kai Engel. "On the Moon" by johnny_ripper was present throughout. The European Archive supplied a recording of Alexander Borodin's "In the Steppes of Central Asia," as well as the third movement of Tchaikovsky's "Suite No. 1." Also included was Jazzar's "Railroad Whiskey co," Kai Engel's "Rainbow," and "Oneiri," and PC III's "Snow Ticket."