Episode 9 - Heart of the Sunrise, Mvmt 2 (Daedalus)

Written and produced by Kevin Allen

The Space Race heats up, and the internal Soviet power struggle begins. A man who yearns for the stars finally, after years of struggle, gets the chance to join them.

But progress requires sacrifice. Hopefully the Chief Designer made the right one.


I used "Starman" by Piers Bizony and Jamie Doran, "Escaping the Bonds of Earth: The fifties and sixties" by Ben Evans and "Rockets and People Vol 3" by Boris Chertok. Additionally, I referenced the Hendrickx and astronautix.com translations of the Kamanin diaries as well as "Red Star in Orbit" by James E. Oberg.


Music during the story of Daedalus was "Harbor" by Kai Engel. Then (and at the end) we had "On the Moon" by johnny_ripper. We use some of the Prelude to Richard Wagner's "Das Rheingold," as performed by the United States Military Band. Also included was Jazzar's "Railroad Whiskey co," Kai Engel's "Rainbow," and Yair Yona's "Pharoah 2011." The outro, as always, was Podington Bear's "Afterglow," with a special guest appearance by Kevin MacLeod's "Danse macabre."